Endorsing Organizations

American Boatbuilders Association Inc. (ABA)

American Boatbuilders Association Inc.The Brumby Building, Marietta Station
127 Church St.
Ste. 210

Marietta, GA 30060
T: 770–792–3070

美国造船商协会是由16个主要的独立造船商组成的联盟. Since 1992, the group’s aim through collective buying power is to obtain the highest-quality materials and services at the lowest possible cost. 这个联盟将一个享有声望的造船商团体的联合声音带到谈判桌上. 总的来说,ABA在零售市场份额上排名第二. 船舶年销售额超过10亿美元,物资采购达6亿美元, ABA为供应商提供了强劲的增长机会.



美国造船和修理协会(ABBRA) Newport Shipyard
1 Washington St.
Newport, RI 02840 

ABBRA拥有70年的专业发展服务经验, training, education and the sharing of knowledge, and the search for solutions to common problems. Every year, ABBRA举办船坞商务会议,分享知识和专业知识, 关键员工的技术培训和管理层的认证项目, and serves as an advocate for boatyards, boat service and repairers, and boat builders.


American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC)

American Boat & Yacht Council613 Third St., Ste. 10
Annapolis, MD 21403
T: 410–990–4460

The American Boat & 游艇协会(ABYC)是一个不断发展的非营利性会员组织, writing, 更新基于共识的设计安全标准, construction, equipage, maintenance, 以及维修小型飞船及其系统超过50年. 来自海洋行业各个领域的400多名志愿者贡献了时间, expertise, and research while serving on project technical committees (PTCs) that develop and revise the ABYC standards and technical information reports. ABYC积极参与国际标准化组织(ISO). ABYC也是世界公认的海洋产业教育的领导者和提供者, training, 海事技术人员和其他海事专业人员的认证项目.


美国海洋测量师协会. (NAMS)

美国海洋测量师协会. P.O. Box 9306
Chesapeake, Virginia 23321–9306
T: 757–638–9638 or 800–822–6267

美国海洋测量师协会. 是一个专业的、独立的、非附属的海事测量师和顾问组织吗. First formed in 1961, the NAMS network of national and international members is one of the most respected self-governing marine survey organizations. 该协会的成立是为了加强海上安全, establish professional standards, and create a forum to discuss survey practices.


National Marine Distributors Association (NMDA)

National Marine Distributors Association37 Pratt St.
Essex, CT 06426–1159
T: 860–767–7898

The National Marine Distributors Association was founded in 1965 to represent the wholesaler distributors of marine accessories and hardware to the pleasure-boating industry. The objectives of the association are to engage in activities to promote common business interests and to improve the business conditions of wholesale distributors of marine accessories and of the marine industry in general.

National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)

National Marine Electronics Association7 Riggs Ave
Severna Park, MD 21146

Founded in 1957, the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) has led the way in establishing technical standards for data exchange in marine electronics, 采用广泛接受的NMEA 0183数据协议, NMEA 2000®和船用电子技术人员的认证和安装标准. NMEA standards and programs focus on ensuring that the boating consumer is provided reliable products and professional service. In addition, NMEA在全国范围内对经销商和安装人员进行培训, 其目的是提高安装的专业性, service and repairs of all marine electronics. For more information, visit the NMEA website at or call .

Association of Marine Technicians (AMTECH)

Association of Marine Technicians北美航海职业训练学院
513 River Estates Parkway
Canton, GA 30114
T: 770–720–4382

北美海事职业培训学院(MCTINA)是一家501(c)(3)非盈利机构, tax-deductible educational organization. MCTINA, 自2005年起成为海事技术人员协会(AMTECH)的教育部门, 是否提供最新的船舶系统培训,以满足先进技术的需求, and has become the marine industry’s leader in teaching new technology troubleshooting skills to currently-employed technicians. MCTINA的培训对于初级和在职技术人员都是理想的. 2016年,协会将重心从会员制转变为会员制, 现在专注于航海服务技术教育. With the change in the association’s structure, AMTECH—the Association of Marine Technicians—has been re-branded as the Alumni of MCTINA Technicians; it is now a support/recognition and certification affiliate of MCTINA. 国家海洋服务博览会(NMSE)继续是MCTINA的首要年度教育活动. NMSE is held each January and is the educational heartbeat from which all MCTINA training is built.


Independent Boat Builders Inc. (IBBI)

Independent Boat Builders Inc. 215 N. Logan St.
Ste. B
West Frankfort, IL 62812
T: 618–435–4476

Founded in 1989, IBBI是一个独立造船商的海洋采购合作组织, 代表着业内最知名的品牌. The combined IBBI membership is the overall industry market leader representing 20% of the US market with over $2 billion in annual sales. IBBI partners with the top industry suppliers for virtually every product used in the boat building process. The collaboration between IBBI, our member-owners, and our suppliers benefits everyone; the industry’s best prices for the industry’s best selling brands.



NMRAP.O. Box 360
Gurnee, IL 60031
T: 847–662–3167

NMRA is a national organization serving marine industry independent sales representatives and the manufacturers who sell through reps. 它是一个网络工具和信息来源, 提高利用海事销售代表的效益.


Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF)

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation 500 Montgomery St, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
T: 703–519–0013

RBFF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating, 从而保护和恢复国家的水生自然资源. RBFF developed the award-winning Take Me Fishing™ and Vamos A Pescar™ campaigns to create awareness around boating, fishing and conservation, 并教育人们参与的好处., and VamosAPescar.Org帮助所有年龄和经验水平的船夫和垂钓者学习, plan and equip for a day on the water.



Sail America 50 Water St.
Warren, RI 02885
T: 401–289–2540

Sail America is the trade association for the U.S. 帆船行业以促进帆船运动的健康与成长为使命. Sail America plays a vital role for all companies that provide sailing-related products and services and offers its members targeted sales opportunities, industry and market information, business education, and cost-saving business services. For more information, please visit



714 S National Ave
Springfield, MO 65804

联合船舶制造商协会.) is a group of independent boat builders that have joined together to pool their purchasing power and to address important industry issues. Our strategic partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers allow our boat builders to offer consumers the best products at competitive pricing.

Association of Marina Industries (AMI)

Association of Marina Industries50 Water Street
Warren, RI 02885
T: 1-

The Association of Marina Industries- is a non-profit membership organization dedicated exclusively to the marina industry. 滨海工业协会拥有超过1个多元化的会员,000 marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs, public/private moorage basins, partner associations, 以及美国和世界各地的海运业供应商. AMI is responsible for the internationally acclaimed Certified Marina Manager (CMM) and Certified Marina Operator (CMO) programs and small topic-specific conferences, plus the annual International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC).


IYRS School of Technology & Trades

IYRS School of Technology & Trades449 Thames St.
Newport, RI 02840
T: 401–848–5777

校园位于历史悠久的新港(R.I.) and a second facility in Bristol (R.I.),为建筑界提供技术培训. The school teaches the skills, history, art, and science of building, restoring, and maintaining wooden and composite-construction boats and their onboard systems through three full-time programs in Boatbuilding & 修复、船舶系统和复合材料技术. 每个项目都采用经过验证的教育模式,教学生解决问题, teamwork, project management, and hands-on skills. IYRS的毕业生因他们的热情和技能而受到高度评价, 并与领先的船舶制造商和世界各地的现代化和修复船厂合作.


The Landing School

The Landing SchoolBoat Building, Design, Systems, Composites
286 River Road
Arundel, ME 04046
T: 207–985–7976

The Landing School is an accredited, 提供一年的综合造船文凭课程, wood boat building, marine systems, and yacht design, 以及两年的海洋工业技术副学士学位. In addition, the school has a joint three-year Bachelor’s Degree program in small craft design with Southampton-Solent University in the United Kingdom and a joint associate degree program with Maine Maritime Academy. Students who successfully complete the Associate’s Degree in Marine Industry Technology are eligible to receive up to 60 semester credits toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management from Southern New Hampshire University. The school places its graduates in marine companies around the world with historical placement rates in the high 90 percentages.


Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS)

美国海洋测量师协会.7855 Argyle Forest Blvd., Suite 203
Jacksonville, FL 32244
T: 800–344–9077

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) is the world’s largest not-for-profit membership society for marine surveyors. It is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to enhancing the profession of marine surveying through communication, cooperation, and education. 会员必须遵守道德规范并参加继续教育课程. 完整的名单的成员,如何达到他们,和描述可以在yaboAPP手机版登录网页的网站上找到.


Society of Boat & Yacht Designers (SBYD)

117 E. Louisa St., #268
Seattle, WA 98102–3203
T: 801–225–6060

SBYD is a professional society for designers, engineers, boatbuilders, and surveyors dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information regarding the small-craft marine industry through meetings, tours, seminars, and publications.



造船工程师和轮机工程师协会99 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 310
Alexandria, VA 22314

海军建筑师和轮机工程师协会是一个国际公认的非盈利组织, 为海事和海洋工业服务的个人会员的专业协会. Founded in 1893, 协会的范围包括生产的各个方面, maintenance and operation of ships, submersibles, yachts, boats, offshore and ocean bottom structures, hydrofoils and surface effect ships. 它管理和支持广泛的技术和研究(T&R) program involving over 6,000 individuals as voluntary members and permanent staff in cooperation with government and regulatory agencies, scientific and research laboratories, academic institutions, and the marine industry.


Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology

Westlawn Institute of Marine Technologyc/o Maine Maritime Museum
243 Washington St.
Bath, ME 04530
T: 207–747-0088

The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has trained more practicing boat designers than any other school in the world. 完全通过远程教学,Westlawn学院提供四年的专业游艇课程 & Boat Design program and a one-year Elements of Technical Boat Design program for marine surveyors and industry professionals. Westlawn also provides six-month continuing education courses in subjects from fiberglass composites, to systems, to boat interior design.

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